Silberman Associates works with clients needing assistance in all stages of the textile development and marketing process, from fiber to consumer.
Despite Economic Hardships, Thai Textile Company Overcomes Adversity with Help from American Expert 02/11/2002 Prior to the East Asian financial crisis that began in 1997, Thailand benefited from record economic growth and declining poverty (from 33% in 1988 to 11.4% in 1996). But as the crisis unfolded, Thailand fell into a downward tailspin that saw foreign capital flow out of the country, as the value of local currencies plummeted and unemployment climbed. The people of Thailand fell on hard times. In steps ACDI/VOCA and Silberman Associates. Selected Textile Topics for 02/11/2002 The apparel and home textile industries segmented into over 50 topics and features, compiled by Jeffrey P. Silberman for Logo Plants Seeds for Rebirth of Cotton Sector 08/27/2001 Jeffrey Silberman of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City knew that Egyptian cottons were the best in the world. When he visited Egypt in 1998 on assignment with the Egyptian Exporters Association, he agreed that Egyptian cotton needed to be aggressively promoted. DAI hired Silberman to develop a logo. He began by having local graphic artists design prototypes, which he took back to his students at the Fashion Institute of Technology to test in New York City. His students videotaped people on the streets of New York and asked them what they knew about Egyptian cotton. The video was a smash hit at the EgyTex 2000 cotton and textile exhibition in Egypt. Silberman was then invited to develop the final design and launch the logo. Silberman Associates Manages New B2B Textile Website for 01/08/2001 Jeffrey P. Silberman is currently the GM for the Textile Industry B2B website for, and the Textile Guide and Content Provider for The site went live in January, 2001. WestPoint Stevens Partners With Egyptian Government To Promote Egyptian Cotton 10/10/2000 To aid consumers at point of sale in identifying bedding and bath products made with Egyptian cotton -- widely considered the world's finest -- WestPoint Stevens has partnered with the Cotton Traders Group in Cairo, Egypt, to create a distinctive trademarked logo for Egyptian cotton. Long-term Solutions to Russia's Economic Woes 09/10/1998 As Russia's latest economic crisis continues, average Russians find they can't buy much these days, especially if it's imported. However, one valuable import isn't for sale. Rather, it's being given away. American business experts are donating their time and expertise to help Russians improve their agriculture and develop a prosperous market economy. Since 1992, more than 150 American farmers and businesspeople have aided their Russians counterparts through Winrock International's Farmer-to-Farmer Program. These small farms and businesses are essential to Russia's economic and political stability. U.S. Experts Betting on Market for Russian Textiles 05/18/1998 Despite the old stereotypes of Soviet products, U.S. textile specialists think Americans are ready for Russian linen. This is not surprising, as Russian linen is some of the finest in the world. "U.S. linen imports are on the rise, and some Russian mills already sell to Europe and the U.S.," says industry expert Jeffrey Silberman. This is good news for ZAO Gavrilov-Linokombinat, one of the largest mills in Russia. Founded by the Czar in 1872, Gavrilov-Linokombinat was recently forced to lay off 1,500 workers. Privatization, while giving the mill new opportunities, also brought new taxes, supply shortages, and imports from Turkey that have damaged Russia's textile industry. © 2003 Silberman Associates. Jeffrey P. Silberman is a Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), and an international textile marketing consultant. He most recently designed and implemented a textile marketing and research program for United Textile Mills in Bangkok, Thailand. Before that he built and managed the Apparel and Home Textiles Internet Industry Channel for Mr. Silberman has been consulting to the international textile communities since 1983, and recently designed and launched the Egyptian Cotton World Wide Promotional program for the Government of Egypt. He currently holds the title of International Marketing Advisor for CottonEgypt, the Fiber Promotions Unit of Alcotexa, the Alexandria Cotton Exporters Association. Prior to building his consulting firm, he was the Director of Marketing for Cotton Incorporated, and before that, the Technical Director for United Merchants and Manufacturers, Inc. Some of his past and present clients include GTZ, U.S.A.I.D., Development Alternatives, Inc., Winrock International, ACDI/VOCA, Bombay Dye and Manufacturing, Mafatlal Industries, Fox Fibre, Dow Corning, Kimberly Clark, Tupperwear, Gavrilov-Yam, Asahi Chemical. Mr. Silberman works with licensed designers, retailers, manufacturers, mills, spinners, ginners, fiber producers, and major suppliers of chemicals to the textile industries. Mr. Silberman holds a degree in Textile Marketing and Design from Philadelphia University, as well as Advanced Management Program Certificates from the Wharton School of Business in Finance and Accounting, Marketing Management from the Columbia Graduate School of Business, and Environmental Law from New York University. He is a winner of the 'Winrock Award for Service and Dedication Given in Helping to Build a Better World' for his work with Russian flax producers, in December, 1999.