Share The Location of Mine with Simple GPS Coordinates

As the requirements are increasing, apps will also be getting developed. With a great deal of new breakthroughs in technology, it’s brought a plenty of changes in the individual’s life, and also among the primary key players which have brought the revolution is mobile uses.

“Share The location of mine with easy GPS Coordinates” app is a life saving app with regards to informing your friends or family in case of an urgent situation. The app may even help the children to examine the brand new spots around the city while updating the parents of theirs the locations of theirs.

GPS Coordinates

Simple, fast, and really simple to work with

Simply Enable GPS in Phone and monitor the GPS location of the current location of yours also you will actually in the position to discuss the existing location details, stamped on a customized photo jointly with your family and friends.

It’s since it offers a lot more than the information including date, locations, time, and directions.

Exactly why to possess “Share The Location of mine with easy GPS Coordinates” app in your smartphone:

  • You are able to Add the places of yours with Custom names
  • See the GPS of yours Coordinates of your present Location
  • You are able to Share Photos getting your GPS Status
  • Monitor GPS Location of The place of yours

Add GPS coordinates to the photo of yours from Gallery and also you are able to get the current Location of yours stamped on a customized photo.

Furthermore, You Gee the specifics of, Latitude / Longitude, time, date, along with various other GPS Coordinates

Who is able to make use of it:

Civil Engineers: to look at the websites for project as well as strategy according to just click on an image with details about the school stamped inside in it.

Architectures: In planning out the models for the business of theirs, by merely clicking through the app.

Event Organizers: Taking photos of the place for events and plans based on later on with all of the info about the place.

Traveler: who explore new locations are able to use the program to spare the spot and will impart to any person they require also can publish through web based networking media People owning Destination festivities of occasions: including Weddings, Anniversaries, Festivals, Birthdays, etc. can utilize the app to save the present location of theirs with the photo of that particular place

Travel, Food, Art and Fashion Bloggers: can advance the encounters of theirs with adding GPS Location

Location Oriented businesses: the places you call for driving videos with Live Location To Clients

Fascinating Features:

  1. Get GPS Coordinates of your present Location
  2. Add the sites of yours with Custom labels on the photo
  3. Share GPS Location with everyone
  4. Open the Location of yours in Map
  5. Insert GPS coordinates to the Photos of yours – Gallery in addition to Camera

Quickly Share Photos having the GPS Status of yours on it Select what all that you need on Picture from Country, Known Place, Postal code, State, City, Daytime fields as GPS Coordinates.

The app supports on the equipment owning O.S model 4.1 and also up, the apps will certainly make the work of yours better, so Save the Location of yours of the location you visited or maybe traveling, Share Location as well as pictures having GPS Coordinates, plus keep checking out the brand new locations with “Share The Location of mine with easy GPS Coordinates” program.

Save the Location of the spot of yours, share photographs having GPS Coordinates, plus keep checking out the software check it out on your own today., and experience this kind of capabilities.

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