Right after making a splash as the nerdy wannabe superhero in the cult hit movie Kick Ass, Aaron Johnson again has tongues wagging in Hollywood for the portrayal of his of John Lennon in NOWHERE BOY. CineMovie sat down with the sexy star of NOWHERE BOY to discuss the issues in playing the popular Beatle, the reason he remains from characters near the own style of his, and also the way you Tube helped get him the job.

Aaron Johnson

In order to record John Lennon’s teenage years in 50s Liverpool, the NOWHERE BOY actor considered biographies, interviews, documentaries, and tapings for Lennon’s famous highlight and mannerisms though the most difficult part of participating in the legendary founding member of the Beatles was learning how to play the guitar and sing. Before winning the job, the British actor wasn’t certain he might pull off the musical element of the role. “The only thing holding me too was that I could not play,” but he “dived into it attractive naively” no matter, he stated in Liverpool.

Taking the casting call

If the casting call came in, he was recording Kick Ass in London playing an American comic book nerd. With just 1 day to get ready for the audition of his, the Kick Ass star anxiously searched YouTube for video clips of Lennon while on the lunch of his breaks from filming the comic book adaption. He rapidly picked up the accent as well as character though he was worried the appearance of his wasn’t particularly right for the small Lennon from Liverpool. Johnson joked the “big of his bushy hair” in Kick Ass was nothing as Lennon’s 50s look so he improvised as well as slicked it too.

NOWHERE BOY director Sam Taylor Wood create a call for musicians for the John Lennon film so she worried the actor playing an American character called Kick Ass wouldn’t be the perfect individual for the job of the Imagine singer. “I did not have some high hopes at all,” based on the first time feature film director. When that door opened, she stated, she knew she’d discovered the Lennon of her. She was very pleased with the “versatility” of his in transitioning out of an action movie to a remarkable role with “no time in all to prepare” that she just knew he may get it to an additional level with adequate preparing.

Comic book nerdy American

Shifting roles from Dave Lizewski, the “comic book nerdy American” as Johnson describes it, to the cocky, stressed John Lennon has become a blur to Johnson though he does remember a few of challenging scenes. As Lennon in NOWHERE BOY, Johnson tackled extremely emotionally charged scenes with such wonderful intensity it will deplete some actor though he acknowledges it was “fun” as compared to the musical scenes. For all those scenes, he started to be extremely “nervous” portraying Lennon when the front male for The Quarrymen, Lennon’s very first band. “I was much more aware of the music stuff” recounted the twenty year old actor of the period of his on the set, and also experienced several of the musical performances of his did not “feel 100%.” He was tough on himself during the scenes since he’d to obtain that part of John Lennon’s life “right”.

SEO Liverpool resident

To play the character of John Lennon was a stretch for Aaron Johnson who did not have very much in common with the popular SEO Liverpool resident. Playing characters unlike himself is the primary attraction in selecting roles. “I am continuously attempting to find one thing that’s distinct from me. Several actors, he claims, “kind of do exactly the same thing once again, once again, and then. That is not for me,”

One role he would not mind reprising, although, is the Kick Ass of his alter ego. In September, Kick Ass director Matthew Vaughn who’s presently directing X:Men: Class that is first, confirmed to MTV a sequel titled Kick Ass two: Balls on the Wall is in the works. Even though Johnson claims he hasn’t experienced word that is official on the sequel, he will be “happy” to fit up once again.

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